FuzzBunz Premium Pet Products has developed an all-natural dog treat  made with probiotics and certified above-sea organic coral calcium. These soft chews are made  here in the US in the companies’ FDA and USDA regulated manufacturing facility to ensure a safe, healthy treat. Containing absolutely no ingredients from China, FuzzBunz has declared a commitment… Read More

    What It Is   What is Safe for your pet continues with Canine influenza, or dog flu,  which is extremely contagious and is caused by the influenza A virus. There have been identified 2 different strains of influenza, H3N8 and H3N2. Until March of 2015, H3N2 appeared to be limited to China, Korea… Read More

Wysong is Safe For Your Pet   The Wysong Corporation is a true pack leader in the natural pet food industry. Since 1979, their focus has been on creating natural and holistic pet foods and health care products.  Founder Dr. Wysong, doctor of veterinary medicine, states the primary goal of his family-owned business is to… Read More

Nutritious and Safe For Your Pet When purchasing food for your dog, there are many considerations to keep in mind, along with many brands and formulas. You should always make sure that the food you choose has the AAFCO – Association of American Feed Control Officials – stamp of adequate nutrition on the label. Ingredients to Look For:… Read More

Let’s face it, most dogs will pretty much eat whatever is offered to them. All they require is food that looks and tastes good and  they’re happy. As pet owners, we know it is not that simple. In addition to that all important question of what is safe for my pet, I need to understand the… Read More

More Bad News Since 2007 jerky pet treats made in China from chicken, duck and sweet potatoes were  determined to be responsible for large numbers of illness and death. It has been estimated that approximately 5,000 complaints were received related to the treats not being safe for pets and it is possible that over 1,000 deaths… Read More

Safe For Your Pet – Whose Responsible?  Pet food makers are regulated, on the federal level, by the FDA within their partnership with the Association of Amercian Feed Control Officials, or AAFCO. Ironically, the AAFCO is not under any government control, they do not perform any testing of pet food and they have no enforcement… Read More