FuzzBunz Premium Pet Products has developed an all-natural dog treat  made with probiotics and certified above-sea organic coral calcium. These soft chews are made  here in the US in the companies’ FDA and USDA regulated manufacturing facility to ensure a safe, healthy treat. Containing absolutely no ingredients from China, FuzzBunz has declared a commitment to providing safe, all-natural products for pets. The  treats contain no chemical preservatives, no corn, wheat, or soy, or no artificial fillers or by-products.  The company’s dedication to your pet’s health is reflected in the addition of canine-specific probiotics that are designed to support a dog’s digestive tract.


What Probiotics Reduce:81dIKwvpH4L._SL1500_

  • gas
  • bloating
  • diarrhea
  • constipation
  • Skin rashes and itching
  • Food allergies

What Probiotics Increase:

  • Energy levels
  • Immune system
  • Better smelling breath
  • Good intestinal bacteria

What  Above-Sea Organic Coral Calcium Can Do:

  • Strengthen teeth, bones and joints
  • Balance the digestive tract by maintaining a normal ph level
  • Helps energize the older dog


The manufacturer says the treats are perfect for dogs with sensitivity issues and owners can expect to see results within 30 days. FuzzBunz is so confident that both you and your dog will love these treats that they offer a full money back guarantee. The only negative comment that I can make is that the treats are very soft and can crumble. Considering the nutritional boost they offer, soft is ok.  My dogs love them and I know that these treats are safe for my pet.

Available at  Amazon

  • ASIN: B0150O86AQ
  • Average Customer Review – 4 Stars
  •  6.4 oz., $13.97


4 comments on “FuzzBunz Probiotic Dog Treats – A Bacon Flavored, Safe For Your Pet Review

  • Wow so glad I landed on your site. I’ve been looking for a solid probiotic treatment for my dog and this looks like a safe bet. It’s good to know that its FDA regulated as well and the benefits you provided makes this a must-have for my King Charles Cavalier, especially since he’s growing older now. I’ll definitely be purchasing a pack or two of these. Would you say that this could help reduce his allergies as well? Thanks for this great recommendation!

    • Hi Pete,

      Glad you like this post and I would say yes to reduced food allergies with FuzzBunz! The probiotics increase a dogs’ good intestinal bacteria which would help fight all kinds of allergies. Plus I bet your dog will love the flavor:-)

      Take Care,


  • Yumm, sounds delicious! haha…if I was a dog, I can see myself greatly enjoying these 😛 It’s nice to see all the nutritional benefits my dog can get out of these snacks. I usually just buy whatever I see on the shelf but I guess its wise to invest in something that can actually help my dog as well as tastes delicious. Thanks for the informative post

    • Hi Michael,

      You need to be careful when choosing treats for you dog. The #1 rule is to make sure that whatever you give your dog, is made in the USA. I give my dogs baby carrots and they love them! My Boston Terrier REALLY loves her treats and she goes crazy when I pull out the carrots from the fridge. Raw vegetables are a great choice in rewardng your dog – not only are they nutrious, you will have the peace of mind knowing that they are also a safe choice.

      Take Care,


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