Last holiday season, I wrote a post about items that are in need by every animal rescue and shelter.  Often times it is impossible to find extra funds in a holiday budget, and while we cannot write out a check, this list helps guide donations that we are capable of giving. Since Safe For Your Pet includes helping homeless pets, I thought I would update my readers with other ways of giving. Whether it is a lack of funds or time, you should be able to find something here that would allow for you to donate.


Before I jump into today’s topic, I would like to  take a moment to share a website that was given to me by one of my readers. It is a very unique site and I recommend taking a moment to check it out. Not only is it a portal to help pets, it is also an adoption site. What makes it unique is the live webcams that allow you to view pets as they go about their day.  What a brilliant tool, one that I hope to see more shelters incorporate.  The site also allows you to communicate with the shelter to let them know that a certain animal is the pet for you!



Locate local shelters or rescue groups and let them know that you would like to volunteer.  Ask what their needs are and let them know how your skills,  and your time, could help meet those needs. Don’t be afraid of being creative. You may have a talent or special skill that could be put to use.  You may even come up with new ways to benefit the shelter and the pets.


Simple Ways To Help

  • Walk dogs – dogs not only need the outdoor time for bathroom business, but exercise is especially important for those dogs that may be under stress being in a shelter setting.
  • Visit cats – they need the human interaction and they love to be played with and petted.
  • Drive a pet – shelters may need help getting pets to veterinarian appointments or to foster homes or adoption events.
  • Hang Fliers – Announcing  events or advertising animals that are available for adoption, fliers should be posted where they would be expected such as pet stores, vet offices, and dog parks.
  • Share pet profiles – this is easy to do on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest accounts and may help a pet find their forever home.


Skilled Ways To Help

  • Crafters – Homemade pet bedding and toys can be  made using old clothing and towels.  Popular no sew fleece blankets are great for pets – both of my dogs have these and love them!  An internet search can provide both instructions and videos on how to make anything that dogs and cats would like.
  • DIY Experts – People that are skilled in carpentry and can make repairs to buildings and facilities would be providing invaluable help.

 Professional Ways To Help

  • Lawers – Shelters and Rescues are required to operate legally and would benefit from legal advice
  • Writers – From pet profiles to flyers to newsletters, the skill of a professional writer would be a great asset.
  • Photographers  – Quality photos and video are essential to present every special pet with their special personality.
  •  Web Designers  – A professional website is a must for organizations helping homeless animals. It is a portal for pet profiles, for events, fundraising efforts, and blogs.
  • Social Media Wiz – Generating interest in adoptable pets, fundraising  and spreading shelter news will benefit immeasurably through platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. The person skilled in social media is a must.

Ways To Fundraise

  • Gift events – For weddings or birthdays request that donations be made to shelters or rescues in place of gifts.
  • Work – request financial donations from co-workers, hold a pet supplies donation request or enlist co-workers for other ideas in generating support.
  • Online fundraising – consider using a site like to raise donations. Get creative, add excitement and incentives to get people to go online and donate.



The last important way to help that I would like to mention is to foster a pet. Many shelters are overpopulated and they count on volunteers that can open their homes to animals awaiting adoption. So many animals are under a lot of stress in shelters that a foster home can be a place where they can relax and let their personality shine. This will make it easier to know the type of forever home and family that a pet needs. This also frees up room in the shelter for more pets to be rescued and it goes without saying  how very rewarding it would be to help an animal in this way.



8 comments on “How To Help Animals In Need – What You Can Do Right Now!

  • Hi Erin!

    Thanks for mentioning the website! Glad that I could help.

    These advice are actually helpful, I think that the situation with animal shelters and stray animals could improve vastly if everyone would occasionally do at least one of those things. The best thing is that everyone anywhere can follow this guideline because it’s universally applicable. Therefore, I’ll definitely share the article,

    I would like to add that it’s important to adopt an animal, if possible, and show as many people as possible how great it is to adopt a pet so that more people would do it.

    • Hi Anton!

      I was so happy to share the site! I am glad that you see how easy it would be for just about anyone, anywhere, to help. With help and resources, all shelters would be able to do so much. Adoption is always a wonderful thing to do. Opening your home to a pet is a win-win for you, your new pet and the shelter!

      Take Care,

  • I love all your recommendation, it is so important to help animals simply because they cant help themselves. I have a chocolate lab and I have trained him to be a therapy dog. He visits senior centres to uplift their spirits. I want to foster a pet now. So this is my nest step in ways to help. My local humane society is giving away cats free for adoption because they have too many, So I am encouraging friends and family to adopt.
    Great article. It really gives people so many options to help!

    • Hi Maria,

      Thanks you so much for your comments! I applaud you for your work with your dog – you are helping the seniors with the visits and your dog has a special purpose by helping them! There is so much to be done to help homeless animals and if we all jumped in and did something, we could make a difference in the lives of so many pets.

      Take Care,


  • When I think about animals in need, I tend to only think of adoption. This would not be a viable option for me as I already have three pooches. Volunteering at a local animal shelter has crossed my mind, but I don’t really have the time. (Not to mention, I’d want to leave with all the animals!)
    I honestly didn’t realized about all the different options there are to make a difference in the lives are our local furry friends. I could totally make flyers or something similar. Thanks so much for bringing awareness to this matter and giving me ideas on what I could do!
    Have you had any experiences with your local animal shelters that you can share with me?

    • Hi Samantha,

      I think a lot of people are not aware of how many ways they can help shelters and rescues. I am like you, I would want to take all the animals home with me:-) I am disabled so my contribution to my local shelter is a monthly $ donation. Something that I recently discovered is that my local human society has an awesome outreach program where they come to economically challenged neighborhoods and they offer well pet checkups, vaccinations and spay/neuter free of charge. How great is that?

      Take Care,


  • I am an animal person but I haven’t yet kept any animals because I am renting a place where people are allergic.
    I have immigrated in another country where animals are given the best training and I feel so excited to have my own pet.
    Your website is very helpful to me, I have learn what to do & how to take good care of pets. Learning about their supplies & as well as the way to take care.
    Will comeback to your website once I get my own pet which will be a Husky


    • Hi Beeneeta,

      I am glad that you find my site useful and good for you for understanding that you need to know how to care for a pet. When you bring a pet into your home, you are responsible for their care and safety. I can’t stress enough the importance of knowing the best way to nourish your pet. All the best to you and your future Husky 🙂

      Take Care,


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