What is a Raw Diet For Dogs?


The basis of  a raw diet  supports feeding your dog a complete raw diet, one that you have either purchased or prepared yourself. The diet is referred to as BARF and depending on who you ask, stands for ‘Biologically Appropriate Raw Food’ or ‘Bones And Raw Food’.  Our dogs todaydog-bone-clipart-royalty-free-dog-bone-clipart-illustration-1097132  have descended from wolves over thousands of years. Since wolves would hunt prey to feed themselves, it is believed that our domesticated dogs can also digest raw meat.


Is The Raw Diet Safe?


Raw diet supporters point to benefits that include better digestion, healthier teeth, and overall better health for a dog to eat a natural, organic diet.  Since the massive pet food recalls as recent as 2007,  many dog owners consider the raw diet a safe alternative to buying traditional store-bought dog food. The question that must be asked though, is if it is safe to feed a dog a raw diet?   Veterinarians agree the answer is no, for a couple of reasons. First of all, raw meat carries the risk of infection and disease. Second, most pet owners do not have the understanding of how to prepare a nutritious, well-balanced diet. Therefore, vets tend to advise feeding your dog the right commercial dog food to ensure your dog  gets all the necessary nutrients in their diet.


Opinions, Opinions


Generally speaking,  those in favor of raw food diets (BARF) disagree with mainstream veterinarians. They state that a dog’s stomach is very different than that of a human’s and is capable of digesting raw meat and bones. They also believe that  veterinarians do not support a raw food diet based on the nutritional expectations penned by the commercial dog food industry. Vets point out that feeding a raw diet means you are runningzeca-beagle-1430682-m the risk for meat contamination and also putting the health of your dog in jeopardy as well.  The ongoing debate seems to focus on the quality of meat that your dog would receive rather than on the dog’s ability to process the meat.

                                                 Don’t Be Fooled

Some dog food companies market their product as “human grade”, which literally means nothing.  Legally, they aren’t required to back up to their claims in any way. “Human grade” is simply marketing lingo that looks good and sounds good.  However,  it’s not a guarantee their product is any safer than a raw meat. Keep in mind  the many risks associated with commercial dog foods as well. Most go through extensive processing yet still contain many additives and chemicals that not only are not beneficial for your dog, may ultimately harm them as well.


So, Can Dogs Eat A Raw Diet or Not?


The answer to this question is yes, BUT. It’s up to you, the dog’s owner/parent, to look at the pros and cons and decide what’s best for your  dog and what will benefit them the most.  If you are siding with the raw diet, please keep in mind to always get your meat from a trusted, high-quality, local butcher that complies with rules that regulate and monitor, the meat he sells. This will substantially diminish the risk of parasites and/or infection. In addition to meat (raw or cooked), your dog needs a complete, balanced diet including vegetables and supplements.



10 comments on “Remarkable Raw Diet – What You Need To Know Now

  • Wow I have never heard of the raw diet as i always assumed that the tin dog foods that supermarkets sell are regulated and that they do in fact do studies to back up their claims. But i guess this is all untrue as you say in your article. This really does open eyes to a new diet for dogs as a raw diet is also something which can be problematic

    • Hi jazzy323,

      Feeding your dog, in many ways, is similar to feeding ourselves. The raw diet for dogs can be compared to eating a plant based diet where you need to focus on the nutrition that you receive while asking the question of whether or not your protein intake is sufficient. When choosing a commercial food for your dog, it is imperative to know the ingredients of that food which is also true when you choose to digest processed foods.

      Take Care,


  • very interesting article on dogs and a raw diet, I am sure your correct dogs could survive on a raw diet but I am wondering is it really all that healthy for them? Wolves did not live all that long in years in the wild, possibly they got worms from their raw diets what are your thoughts on this theory?

    • Hi, Thanks for visiting my page and for your insightful comments. Personally, I feel that a raw diet for dogs is a better way to feed them. This type of diet is designed to copy the diet of our dogs’ ancestors and it seems to provide a much better balance in nutrition. I think a person would need to learn about this kind of diet and to understand the nutritional needs of their dog before switching to this way of eating. When considering the danger in feeding our pets some commercially processed food, choosing a raw diet is almost a no-brainer. In regards to the lifespan of wolfs, I would point to the medical advances we have today in caring for our dogs, including vaccines that protect their health.

      Take Care, Erin

  • The dogs that i used to own back in the old days can stomach any food from the leftovers of our meal.
    I believe they can eadily adapt to eat what is available. But It does make sense that dogs eat raw meat since they have a cousin who are hunters.

    • Hi Raymond,

      Thanks for visiting my page and for your comments. Dogs generally do like to eat anything they are given, especially when we share our food with them! To me a raw diet makes sense and is similar to us humans who are also healthier eating a raw, unprocessed diet.

      Take Care, Erin

  • For the health of your dogs the raw diet makes sense. A lot of people have a problem with just throwing their dog a chicken leg lol but now a days there are a lot of per packaged raw diets out there. What are your thoughts on those? And also what are your thoughts on supplementing with a vitamin mix if you are feeding just meat, bones and organs?

    • Hi Deena, thanks for the great question. A good raw diet for dogs consists of much more that just meat, organs and bones. It should also include raw eggs, fruits, vegetables and small amounts of dairy. If you choose to purchase a raw food, a careful inspection of the ingredients is essential. In addition to selecting a food that is made with high quality ingredients, you want to be very careful about the storage and shelf-life of the food since it is raw. Supplements are fine, especially is there is any question that your dog may be missing out on some essential nutrients.

      Take Care,


  • Hello,
    thank you for explaining to us what is raw diet for dogs. I really learned a lot by reading your article that I didn’t knew before. I will combine raw food with cooked food to my dog. I am glad that I ran into your website. I really enjoyed reading your article.
    Wish you all the best

    • Hi, thanks for reading about the raw diet for dogs and for your comments. I feel it is very important that all dog owners know that they have options when it comes to feeding their dogs. This is especially true when considering all the recalls that are issued and the possible harm to our dogs. Just yesterday I read about a dog food recall that was issued due to euthanasia medication being in the food!!

      Take Care,


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