sofia-and-me-1307390-1279x852People and Pets

I was visiting with a friend the other day when our conversation made it’s way to our kids and the characteristics that we most appreciate about them. While my kids have many admirable qualities between them, one of the first things that I mentioned was that my children love and care for animals. The more that we talked about this, the more that I realized that this characteristic has helped to make them become compassionate young people. They would never walk away from a stray animal and are always available to those less fortunate.

In addition to love and companionship, for many of us, our pets provide purpose. Studies have proven the benefit of animals interacting with people that are fighting cancer or suffer from autism. Companion dogs provide both site and safety to those they serve and we often hear in the news stories of a pet knowing when it’s owner was going to have a seizure. Considering all our pets do for us, we want to provide the best that we can for them and knowing what is best, is knowing what is safe for our pets.

The Purpose Of My Site

I have created this site to share what I have learned about safety in caring for my pets. I hope that all my visitors will gain  knowledge about  purchasing for their pets with confidence. I also hope my readers will feel free to share what they have learned and as a community, we can all benefit by understanding what is safe for our pets.