Nutritious and Safe For Your Pet

When purchasing food for your dog, there are many considerations to keep in mind, along with many brands and formulas. You should always make sure that the food you choose has the AAFCO – Association of American Feed Control Officials – stamp of adequate nutrition on the label.

Ingredients to Look For:

  • Whole meat should be the first ingredient listed. Avoid foods that list meat by-products or if the meat used is not named.
  • Grains, if included, should be whole grains and not glutens. Barley and rice are preferable over corn or wheat.
  • Natural or no Preservatives. Natural preservatives include vitamin E or C and always avoid brands that contain BHT, BHA or ethoxyquin, which are examples of chemical preservatives.



Dog food will be available in either dry kibble or canned food and both have pros and cons. Dry food will be the most economical, but many experts advise that dogs that are fed a dry diet should be supplemented with a canned product. The reasoning behind this is that canned food typically is higher-meat, lower in carbs and has fewer preservatives. Since it has a higher moisture content, it helps ensure that your dog is sufficiently hydrated.

Whenever you try a new dog food, you should always be careful to note any changes in your dog’s energy level, stool, coat and skin.Dog-biscuit-icon

Always keep in mind what is safe for your pet. We have learned of major concerns with pet food and pet food producers and we understand the importance of being vigilant regarding what we feed our pets. Always try to provide your pet with the best quality food that you can. Information regarding pet food recalls can be found at


Moving Forward

Considering the many choices and decisions that a good pet owner is faced with, I want to assist our community by providing reviews. I will share with all of my visitors what my research has revealed about pet foods, nutritional supplements, treats, toys, medicines and more. I encourage all comments and please feel free to share your experiences and let me know if their is a particular item that you like to see reviewed.




2 comments on “The Recipe For a Good Dog Food – My Dog Food Reviews

  • What a great website, I’ve always wondered about what they really put in dog food and how safe it is for your dog!
    Thank you, now I know what to look out for when buying dog food. I’m going to share this with my mom.
    What do think about all the food that the veterinary clinics sell? They are always saying that the dog food products they sell are good for your pets but I always wonder.

    • Lynne,

      You pose a great question and it is one that I plan to write about. One always should wonder if money is being made to promote an item that may cost more than others. This is a relevant question in regards to drug manufacturers in the US. Something else that I plan to research and write about is pet medications. I have a Beagle who has become incontinent and who my Vet has prescribed medication for. I was warned that it could make her restless and unfortunately, it has. Poor Abby might not be peeing in her bed, but she just can’t seem to lay down and sleep as easily as an old dog should. So I wonder how does this medication work and what are other side effects? Are there holistic approaches that I can take? More great info to come…:-)



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