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What happened in 2007 was the infamous pet food recall that resulted from the loss of many pets.  That recall focused on food and additives that were supplied from China. The scope of the recall included a ban on shipments from China and resulted in Senate hearings with pet food industry representatives, veterinarians and members of the Food and Drug Administration in an effort to discuss the future safety of the pet food industry. In addition to the toxicity of the pet food, greed and a disregard for the safety of pets was the result of pet food disguised as having a higher protein content than it actually had.

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10 Years Ago


It is estimated that thousands of cats and dogs died in the United States, Europe, and South Africa in 2007 after eating pet food that was not safe to consume because it was contaminated. After weeks of complaints, a massive recall was issued while authorities tried to determine what was to blame. Eventually, it was determined that ingredients imported from China were at fault. Initially, it appeared that pets were dying from kidney failure after consuming foods that were made with a contaminated wheat gluten from just one Chinese company.  Unfortunately, it was later determined that more Chinese companies were supplying tainted additives. One month after the first recall was issued, rice protein and corn gluten were added to the list of ingredients to blame for the fatalities.


What Is Not Safe For Your Pet



An investigation determined that the original source of contamination was caused by melamine, a chemical that is often used in the manufacture of dishes, countertops, adhesives, plastics and as a colorant. Melamine foam can be found insulation and cleaning products. It is reasonable to ask why melamine would be added to pet food, that surely it would not be safe for pets. What was discovered was that the melamine made the protein content

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in the food appear to be greater than what it actually was. The exportation of contaminated protein from China was referred to as “adulteration” which meant that the toxic elements were deliberately added to prepare for sale.


Moving Forward


While the real numbers will never be known, it is estimated that as many as 3,600 pets may have lost their lives by eating these tainted foods. The number of pet food products that were recalled was over 5,300. What also resulted is an outrage by the public that has demanded stricter government regulation on pet foods, which until this time, was controlled by the manufacturers themselves. What happened in 2007 makes is necessary for all pet owners to ask what is safe for their pets?





8 comments on “What Happened in 2007

  • That sure is a lot of dogs and cats that lost their lives due to contamination! 🙁

    Personally, I find it disgusting how companies can get away with adding poisonous toxins to animal foods, but at least they were discovered, although it was a little too late for some pets.

    8 years also seems like a lifetime ago too!


    • I agree with you Neil, it all seems a bit surreal. Unfortunately, it always gets down to $. We see too many many disgusting and horrible things on a daily basis and greed is often involved. Thanks for your time in visiting my site.


  • Very informative post I had never heard of this before! I like most pet owners would be absolutely devastated if anything happened to my cat! It’s terrible that any company would do this knowing what harm it could cause! It just goes to show that some people will do anything for money!

    • Hi LJ,

      I agree with you, I would be devastated if something happened to one of my pets from a food that I provided. Sad but true that money often is the bottom line.

      Take Care,


  • I remember this. I remember scribbling down the names and calling everyone I knew to make sure they knew to dispose of any of those products they might have. It is a shame that everything seems to come down to the almighty dollar these days. Best advice, read the labels! We do this for ourselves and our families. Aren’t our pets just important? My rules: If I can’t pronounce it, I don’t buy it. If real meat isn’t in at least the first three ingredients, I don’t buy it. The higher quality foods and treats are more expensive. Aren’t your pets and your peace of mind worth it?

    • Valerie,

      I could not agree with you more and it is imperative as pet parents that we become aware of all the dangers that exist when it comes to providing nutrition to our pets. It seems to me that one only needs to look at the human diet to know what is not only safe for our pets, but what they will benefit from. Stay away from chemical additives and provide a diet of unprocessed foods and our pets will not only be safe, but will be in the best health possible.

      Take Care,


  • Hi!
    Thank you for your sharing. I have one dog, so like you I am also concerned about the safety of my pet. I am from Hong Kong China, so I still remember some companies adding melamine to food including pet food and formula milk, causing hundreds of human baby dead due to malnutrition. That’s why I don’t trust products that are made in China although I am Chinese. So, I don’t feed pet food that is made in China to my dog.

    • Hi Anthony,

      Thanks for sharing this. All pet owners have to be aware of what has happened in the last decade in the pet food industry to ensure safety in nourishing pets. The most important thing that I believe we learned in 2007 is that melamine was deliberately added to pet food to make it appear to be more nutritious than is actually was. This shows deception by the pet food manufactures and makes us further aware that profit is their only concern.

      Take Care,


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