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All Natural Pet Food
The Wysong Corporation is a true pack leader in the natural pet food industry. Since 1979, their focus has been on creating natural and holistic pet foods and health care products.  Founder Dr. Wysong, doctor of veterinary medicine, states the primary goal of his family-owned business is to provide the best possible educational resources along with healthy and holistic supplements and pet food. All foods are developed and produced in-house by health professionals.

Wysong believes that they provide “The Thinking Person’s Pet Food” and goals of their company are:51QCpc+fAjL._SY450_

  • To provide pet owners with the resources to make sound health and nutrition decisions.
  • To provide natural and holistic pet foods that are scientifically structured and have been carefully produced and packaged with optimal health in mind.

Wysong advises that their foods are suitable for all breed types and for all life stages. Their dry foods are designed to mirror the carnivorous diet of a dog In the wild. The different food types are meant to be fed on a rotating basis as variety and rotation are keys to good health.

The dry food line includes Fundamentals, which has limited ingredients and a high percentage of protein, Growth for puppies, Adult maintenance formula and Senior formulas. For Dogs prone to allergies Wysong makes Anergen which is formulated with alternative protein sources. Also available is a meatless food called Vegan and a chicken-based food named Synorgon.

Epigen is a starch free food that Wysong currently has a patent pending on. They claim that it contains all the critical elements of a healthy food, resembles the food your pet was designed to eat and contains 60% protein. Rounding out the dry food offerings is the  Optimal Line. Each Optimal formula boasts higher protein:

  • Growth – 44%
  • Adult – 42%
  • Senior – 40%
  • Performance – 50%

The Wysong canned dog food was developed as an Epigen formula.  It is grain free and it contains 95+% premium meat foods. It is claimed to be free of typical pet food fillers and additives.

Visitors to Wysong.net are encouraged to spend time In the “Learn” section of the site and to call, write or email regarding any questions or concerns that they may have.

Wysong Corporation
7550 Eastman Avenue,
(989) 631-0009a-lot-of-dogs

Wysong products can be purchased online at wysong.net and at  Amazon.com.  Wysong is available to purchase in some retail locations and their website allows visitors to plug in their zip code to locate these stores.

It is important to mention that Wysong dog foods also contain antioxidants, essential fatty acids, enzymes, probiotics and plant-based nutrients. All Wysong foods are AAFCO approved. When factoring in the high protein percentage of their products, I feel it is safe to say that Wysong provides an excellent dietary option, one that is, without a doubt, safe for your pet. They produce their products In the USA in their own manufacturing facility and all of their ingredients are domestically sourced. Their emphasis education is commendable and reflects their dedication to the health and well being of all of pets.



10 comments on “Wysong Dog Food – A Natural Approach to Dog Nutrition

  • Thank you for the very helpful post – my little dog is so very fussy… it is quite difficult to get her to stick to anything. I will most definitely try Wysong, especially after reading all the benefits it provides. It is also very difficult to pet food that is completely natural… fingers crossed that this will be good enough for my spoilt little pooch!

    Very helpful, thank you 🙂

    • Hi Holly,

      Thanks for your positive comments and I believe that both you and your ‘spoiled little pooch’ will be pleased with Wysong. Their dedication to pets through holistic nutrition and their philosophy of the importance of owner education speaks volumes. Please be sure to share with us your thoughts once you have tried Wysong:-)

      Take Care,


  • Thanks for sharing this pet food company. They look really great.
    Do you know if I would be able to buy from Amazon even though I am in South Africa. My gut feeling tells me probably not. It would work out quite expensive with the dollar to rand exchange rate, plus the extra shipping expenses. I also assume customs might be a problem with dog food 🙁
    I’m not really happy with any of the pet food brands here!

    • Lynne,

      You are full of great questions today! I have excellent relationships with Amazon and Wysong and I will email your questions to them and see what I can find out for you. I will message you when I have answers:-)


  • Hi,

    I’m glad I stumbled onto this website because I’ve really had a hard time finding unbiased information about dog food.

    I’ve always taken the decision of dog food very serious as i love my dog so much and I want to feed her the healthiest possible food.

    One problem with most foods is the crazy amounts of wheat and meal in them. I’ve noticed most store brand dogs foods have horrible ingredients.

    We’ve had our dog on Blue buffalo all of her life and she’s very healthy but the Wysong seems even better based on this article.

    I was wondering what the risks of changing dog food is? I’ve heard that it’s hard on a dog to swith it.


    • Hi Robert,

      When introducing a new food to your dog, most experts agree that slow is best. You want to mix new food in with the current food, over a 5 to 7 day period. By slowly decreasing the old food and increasing the new, there is less chance for your dog to experience digestive issues. Changing your dogs’ diet to Wysong is a decision that you both will be happy with and please stop back and let us know how your dog is benefiting from it.

      Take Care,


  • Hi there,

    thanks for this great information regarding natural and holistic options that are out there for our dogs.

    As a dog lover myself I primarily focus on my packs diet and nutrition. Over the last year I have been trying to find the right type of foods that is good for them.

    will this product help with skin allergies? I decided to go with a raw food plan for the boys. But will definately be looking more into this.


    • Hi LSeulu24,

      For Dogs prone to allergies Wysong makes Anergen which is formulated with alternative protein sources. It is a great option in nourishing a dog that is prone to allergies. You will have peace of mind knowing your dog is consuming a superior food that also helps to alleviate allergic reactions. Thanks for your comments and best of luck with your dogs.

      Take Care, Erin

  • I am touched by your article for the nutrition for dogs, I have seen a huge difference in my dog’s health and energy since changing to an all natural dog food especially without grains.

    I am sure many dog owners will be impressed with your article and try Wysong dog food, dog owners love their dogs and want them to be healthy and live a long life

    • Hi Jeffrey,

      Thanks so much for your comments! We can never be too careful with what we feed our dogs and I am extremely glad the I found Wysong. We hear too much about tainted products and dog food recalls that it is refreshing to a company that values providing a holistic approach to feeding our dogs.

      On a side note, I myself have recently gone wheat/grain free and feel so much better after just a couple of weeks! It makes sense since I think my dogs were actually grinning after I switched to Wysong:-)

      Take Care,


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